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Department of Mines and Explosives Mysore State. Report of the Chief Inspector of Mines in Mysore for the Year 1919-20 with Statistics for the Calendar Year 1919




The reduction in the number of leases current during the year as compared with that in the previous year is due to (i) Lease No 140 of the South Block being surrendered to Government on the 11th March 1919 ; and (ii) Lease No 114 of the Hosahalli Block in the Kadur District being formally cancelled on the 13th June 1919.2 (2) PROSPECTING LICENSES. [...] Arrangements have been concluded with the Government of India for the disposal of the whole of the output of gold from the Mines on the Kolar Gold Field for a period of twelve months from 15th May 1920. [...] The Government of India have the option of purchasing the whole or any portion of the Mines' production at the London Market price calculated at the ruling rate of exchange. [...] The all-sliming treatment of the current ore has proved a considerable success both from the point of view of low cost of treatment and the low value of the final residue. [...] The decrease in the output and export and consequently in the amount of royalty payable is due to the want of market on account of the cessation of the Great War.


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