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Ministry of Education Bureau of Education India: Education in Universities in India 1947-48




S N U THACKERSEY INDIAN WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY (FOUNDED IN 1916 & RECOGNIZED BY THE BOMBAY DOVt5 IN 1939) BIRTH OF UNIVERSITIES IN INDIA UNIVERSITIES IN INDIA—GENERAL SURVEY ' Agra University This University was brought into existence on 1st July 1927 by an Act of the legislature of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh for the purpose of affiliating colleges associated with the University of Allah [...] Subsequently in the year 1921 it was reconstituted as a Unitary Teaching and Residential University with control over the quality and character of the teaching in Associated Colleges namely the Ewing Christian College the Kayastha Pathsa' a College and the Agricultural College lying within a radius of 10 miles from the Convocation Hall of the University. [...] In the year 1927 however the responsibility about the Associated Colleges was transferred to the newlycreated Affiliating University of Agra and the University of Allahabad was left free to function as a Unitary Residential and Teaching University. [...] Willingdon College P. O. Willingdon College (Distt. [...] College of Commerce and Economics Baroda.



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