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Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in India 1936-37




The Advisory Board met twice and the Governing Body met once during the year AGRICULTURE AND ANIMAL HUSBANDRY IN INDIA 1936-37 7 The annual general meeting of the Council took place in Janary 1937 and the annual report on the working of the Council including the accounts for 1935-36 were adopted. [...] The Sugar Committee considered the views of the Departments of Agriculture in the provinces and constituent Indian States and of factory owners on the relative advantages and disadvantages of ratooning. [...] He recommends the establishment of a Crop Protection Committee (Recommendation 9) with very extensive terms of reference to deal with the consideration of cropping schemes much on the lines adopted by the Crop Planing Conference the general oversight of the programme of research work on crops the organisation of watching services to report on the incidence of insect and fungus pests noxious w [...] Parts I and IT contain the results of a detailed examination of the present postion in regard to the production and handling of milk and the breeding and nutrition of mulch cattle and amongst other facts brought to light the report points out that while India produces annually between 700 and 800 million maunds of milk which makes her the second largest milk-producing country in the world t [...] of the total consumption is in the form of liquid milk z in the form of ghee and the remaining s in the form mainly of indigenous products like khoa (desiccated milk) d ahi (curd) etc.


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