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Illustrated Guide Panoramic Badri Kedar Model & its Replica




The Bombay branch of the Royal Asiatic society the most ancient learned Society of Bombay seems to be entitled to exhibit this work that will be so useful to the geographer to the geologist to the archaeologist and to the historian of British Gharwal. [...] SAItOJINI NAIDU ****It gives a very good idea of the topography and the physical conditions of that part of India and when inspected in the light of the information given by you gives a vivid idea of the hardships and the transit which the pilgrims have to experience. [...] The model is one of the most valuable exhibits in the University and has been exhibited in the central room of the first floor of Sir Sayajirao Gaikwar Library of the University. [...] The model and the guide will enable every Hindu to realise how the pilgrimage to Badri and Kedar is a high desideratum not only to the spritual ist but also to the poet the educationist the geographer the physicist and the health seeker. [...] The vivid description in the lttariya and Taiteriya Upnishadas Virat Swamp of the Eleventh Chapter of Shri Bhagwat Gita narrations of the formations of the Universe in the fifth Canto and Vishvadarshan of Shri yashoda in the mouth cavity of Shrikrishna related in Mrudbhakhan Lila Chapter ( 7th ) of Shri Bhagwat-Subodhini with all the commentaries vivified and verified by my physical eyes added


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