Report on the Regulation of the Stock Market in India
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Report on the Regulation of the Stock Market in India




3. Benefiting by the experiences of the early sixties the stock and share dealers of Bombay began to organise themselves for the safety of themselves and the public. [...] There was alse--evidence of supinness in enforcing rules and taking disciplinary measures against members of the Association: On the question of corners which had become a recognized phenomenon in the share market of Bombay " the Committee found that the existing rules of the Association on the suject were the fundamental cause of all the troubp and recommended their deletion. [...] The Madras Stock Exchange was revived in 1937 with a growing trade largely in plantation and mill snares: The rapid increase in the number of textile companies in and around Coimbatore and the floatations of many plantation ventures in South India gave strength to the revived stock exchange. [...] uninitiatea in the technique of stock speculation ill-informed as to the relative position of and the value of the various speculative shares the man-in-the-street was wildly dragged into the maelstrom of stock market boom." After reaching the above record price on 6th April. [...] Bombay and Calcutta are naturally the largest centres of the Indian security market and are responsible.(or the great bulk of the stock dealings in the country.

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