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Government of Bengal Finance Department the Bengal Financial Rules and the Subsidiary Rules Under the Treasury Orders 1924




(iii) After noting on the packet the number assigned to it according to the 'entry in the register the Treasury Officer will endorse a receipt in the following form on the back of the memorandum of contents giving it the number assigned to the packet and will return the memorandum to the Government servant presenting the packet :— Received a sealed packet said to contain property detailed on th [...] In the absence of a monthly limit on the drawings the Drawing Officer should record on the reverse of the counterfoil of each cheque the amount of the next cheque drawn and of the total of drawings during the month and carry forward their total to the next counterfoil. [...] The cash book should be closed and balanced each day and the baance of each column at the end of the month should be verified with the balance of cash in hand and h; certificate to that effect recorded in the cash book under the signature of the Government servant responsible for the money. [...] (0) The Chief Engineer Public Works Department exercises a concurrent control over the ditties of the officers of the department in conection with the maintenance of the accounts and gives all legitimate support to the Audit Officer in enforcing strict attention to the regultions concerning the disbursement of money the custody of stores and the submission of accounts. [...] NOTE 2.—To facilitate the reconciliation of the returns submitteby the suordinate revenue authorities to the Board of Revenue with the figures supplied to the Board by the Principal Auditor the latter sends to each Collector a return showing the results arrived at in the first stage of the preparation of his monthly account.


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