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Review of the Growth of Education in British India by the Auxiliary Committee of the Indian Statutory Commission




The effect on the expansion of primary education and the transfer of its management to local bodies ; development of the grant-in-mid system: (1) Aiv ANALYSES OF CHAETEAS. [...] of the Secretary of State and of Lord Curzon in the vears'1900-1902 relating to higher education The Indian Universities Commission. of 1902; the Resolution on Indian Educational Policy of '1'1904 its main features; the Indian Universities Act of 1904.° (16) The Department of Edutation. [...] Section VIL—Inspection.—(61) The importance of the inspecting staff for the maintenance of efficiency in schools and avoidance of waste and for the devising of plans for improvement and development. [...] (29) Opinion of the Agricultural Commission on the drift from rural areas to anglo-vernacular schools and the towns (30) The improvement of the middle vernacular system would relieve the anglo-vernaculat system of difficulties and assist rural reconstruction and improvement. [...] The Resolu tion of the Government of India of 1913 and the Calcutta University Commission of 1917-19 recommended a new type of 'teaching and residential university.


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