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Report on the working of the Co-operative societies in the Baroda State for the year 1940-41




Over and above the work of visiting the institutions in the area he supervises the working of the Coperative Stores in the Vankal area which has a membership over 1 000 persons. [...] The financial and other aspects of the movement can be seen from Appendix I. The Financial position number of societies and membership of the movement. [...] Since the bank's extending its area of operation to cover the whole of the district the debt conciliation Act has been extended to all the talukas in the district. [...] The outstanding loans at the beginning of the year and loans advanced during the year were Rs. [...] To meet the immediate demand of depositors and to create the confidence of the public the Government have given the concession of cash credit to Baroda Naysari Petlad Damnagar and Mehsana Banks to the extent of Rs.


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