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Government of Bengal Department of Industries Opportunities for an Industrial Career for Young Men of Bengal




On pasing the School Final Examination admission may be obtained to Arts and Science Classes in colleges affiliated to the University of Calcutta by the special permission of the Syndicate the only condition prescribed being that the Matriculation test in a classical language is passed before the candidate sits for the I. Sc. [...] 15 each per month are awarded to students of the first year class on the results of a special examination held shortly after the commencement of the session in the subject of English Coposition English Dictation and Arithmetic. [...] 15 each a month are awarded to the students of the second year class and four scholarships to the students of the third year class on the results of the annual examination of the first and second year classes respectively of the previous year. [...] Students who pass the examination at the end of the third year course receive a diploma entitled Assciate of the Government Weaving Institute Serampore " signed by the Principal of the Institute and the Director of Industries Bengal. [...] "17 (d) Training in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: (i) The Board of Apprenticeship Training.—Admission of first class apprentices to the Kanchrapara Railway Workshops and in the case of Indians and Anglo-Indians to the Khargpur Workshops of the Bengal-Nagpur Railway is restricted to those who have passed the admission Examintion of the Board of Apprenticeship Training.


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