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Conditions of the Country and People of india Report of the indian Famine Commission 1881




to the extent of abort t one-third of the dirt lance from its "base to its apex the immersed portion lieu ng surrounded by the great northern plaiThe southern half of the western flank of this table-land forms the line of mountains called the Western Watts and the northern half the bills that bound ltajpntana"2 CONDITION OF' THE COUNTRY AND PEOPLE OF INDIA. [...] suffering from the effects of drought includes nearly all that which lies on the summit of the table-land from a line 100 miles south of the Tapteo river to the Nilgiris along a band 200 miles wide measuring front the Western Ghats eastward as well as the low-lying districts on the cast coast between the sea and the foot of the eastern slope of table-land Solidi of the Kistna river. [...] cd by the first ovethrow of the equilibrium of the vapour unstably in the highly heated air at the solstice and the ether by the direct loss of Leal wield) is expel 'elated after the The 811111111cl' 111111 i their iippciirulice oil the southern parts of the c ;iSI. [...] As the clay advances and the heat increases the planes of equal pressure will all rise over the Jim' land and the air will flow towards the axis of the elevation ; its the night conies on and the temperature falls the greater cotraction 01'010 longer colt tlinti over the low law' will bend the planes of equal pressure from the axis of elevation outwards and the air will move in that dire [...] On the north of the valley it meets tin: outer a itqws Of the 1 f inialaya which determine a heavy precipitation of the vapour; and the intim:nee of..his obstacle extends far into the plains since the line of 'minimum rainfall coincides a ppriiximately with the main stream of the (' tug s. I n the Punjab ;inked the hilt of plain c altury over which the rainfall thus brought by easterly win


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