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Government of Orissa Report on the Progress of Education in Orissa for the Year 1944-45




In South Orissa the Sub-Inspectors of schools in the Gafijam plains and the Khondmals were under the direct control of the District Etiucational Offioer in Ganjam and the Suinspectors in the Agency areas except the Khondmals worked under the special assistant agents. [...] A. The inspection of these schools and the supervision of the eduoatioaal work done therein are part of the duties of the educational offi. [...] In North Orissa the District Inspec tore and the Deputy Inspectors are in charge of the inssection and organisation of the middle schools for boys in their respective r as while the District and Deputy Inspectrseses of schools are in charge of the inspecti tn of the middle schools for gills. [...] During the year under re ssrt Government; have san itierted the el-Timing of in lustrial lames in (1) weavisg and spi sn'ng (2) carpentry and (3) agri culture in thre i of the m.r1 schools in the Aistri.t of Koraput and in carpentry in one of the middl3 rcho li in the Ganjam 'agency for the economic u;21if„ of the hill tribes. [...] The rapid increase in the number of kids schools in the Province evinces the growing desire of the people for higher education.


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