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Travancore Administration Report 1120 M.E. 1944-1945 A.D. (Eighty-Ninth Annual Report)




From the mountain heights walling in the State on the eastern boundary the country undulates to the west over hills of dense vegetation till it reaches the cultivated plains which skirt the backwaters and the Arabian Sea. [...] The broad coast-belt and the shores of the bacwaters are covered with dense cocoanut plantations while all over the plains are grown in addition around homesteads a variety of trees such as the areca the jack the mango the tamarind and the oashewnut. [...] The elephant the leopard the tiger the bison the bear the sambur and a variety of small game are plentiful in the forests Among the characteristic features of the country are the broad lagoons or backwaters forming a cheap highway for traffic from the extreme north to as far south as Trivandrum connected by navigable canals along the entire littoral and numerous streams and rivers flowing w [...] The deoisions of the Government which in olden times were issued over the signature of the head of the adminstration in the form. [...] Measures affecting the Ruling Family the rlations with the Paramount Power and the provisions of the Legislative Reforms Act are some of the very few topics removed from the cognisance of the legislature.


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