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The Thirty-Third Annual Report of the Calcutta Literary Society




t He served the Government in the capacity of one of the Honorary Magistrates in the Bansberia Bench in the district of Hugli and also as Municipal Commissioner of the Bansberia Municipality. [...] THE Rajah Mahasai is a member of the Executive Committee of the Indian Art School situated in Bow Bazar Street Calcutta and warmly encourages the passed students of that school some of whom won Medals and First Class Certificates on the occasion of the Eden Gardens Exhibition held in December 1919 under the auspices of the Peace Celebration Committee of which he was a member. [...] In view of the new light that is dawning over India and the renaissance of the ancient spiriof high ideas the task of the teachers of the present day is a sacred trust." "TO them is entrusted the building up of character and the bringing up of our children to such attainments and ideals that they may be each one of them a perfect link in the chain of the Indian nationhood. [...] on the 8th January 1921 while handing over the Address of Welcome on behalf of the Calcutta Literary Society addressed the assembly thus : — "SIR Jagadish Chandra Bose and Gentlemen :—It is with a feeling of deep emotion and great delight that I take upon'myself the call of duty in welcoming in our midst one of the greatest and the most distinguished of the scientific men of the present day. [...] The Members of the Society the Graduates and Under-Graduates of the Calcutta University and other gentlemen of the suburbs composed the bulk of the audience.


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