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The Twenty-Ninth Annual Report of the Calcutta Literary Society




under the presidency of His Highness the Hon'ble Nawab Fateh Ali Khan Kazilbash Sahib Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire the Panjab Representative of the Governor=General's Legislative Council &c. [...] ) I have the pleasure in submitting a synoptical Report of the transactions of the Society for the year 1904 :- The Twenty-eighth Anniversary Meeting of the Calcutta Literary Society was held at the quadrangle of the Ripon Collage No. [...] The Keeper of the Privy Purse presents his copliments to the Founder-Secretary to the Calcutta Literary Society and writes to acknowledge the receipt of his letter of the I ith Instant to the address of the Comptroller and Equerry to King Edward VII. [...] James's S. W. April rith 1904 The Equerry-in-Waiting is desired by the Duke of Connaught to thank the Calcutta Literary Society for the Resolution of Sympathy which they have expressed on the death of H. R. H. the Duke of Cambridge and it is a great pleasure to both His Royal Highness and H. R. H. the Duchess of Connaught to receive the copy of the Resolution you have sent. [...] The Members of the family of His late Royal Higness the Duke of Cambridge desire to convey to the members of The Calcutta Literary Society their thanks for titeekind and sympathetic message of condolence on the death of their father which you have forwarded.


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