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The Twenty-Eighth Annual Report of The Calcutta Literary Society




Of these two brothers named Vijayaraj and Krislinaraj appear to have ra'e. settled in the Ashtagram division of the D mieions of Mysore towards the close of the Fourteenth Century ; and one Ilroia taa° of them married the daughter of the local Pakeao or Baron of the village of Hadanaru after saving her from an 14';' odious illness under compulsion with a neighbouring Chief of inferior [...] The affairs of ate State however 1 c'T tell into disorder aIter the retirement of Purnaiya; and the rule of 11fiharajah Krishna Raj Wadiar terminated by the I+0 41' British Goverioneive assuming the direct administration of the country in 1831; retaining the Maharajah as the titular '*- 4 Sovereign. [...] The Meeting was largely and influentially attended by the Members of the Society the Graduates and UudeGra duaies of the Calcutta University and other respectable Gentlemen of the metropolis and suberbs. [...] Reports of the addresses delivered on the occsion have appeared in the Bengali of the 18th and 20th and the Antrita Bazar Patrika and the Hindu Patriot of the isth December 1903. [...] Now the Society begs to offer its thanks to the gentlemen who had presided to those who deliveed lectures and also to the proprietors of the Schools and the Colleges and the Classic Theatre who lent the use of their halls to hold the Society's Meetings to the Editors of Newspapers who published the proceedings of its meetings and to its patrons and members for their taking unabated in


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