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The Silver Jubilee Report Of The Calcutta Literary Society




ON the Tenth day of August 1871 the Distinction of MAHARANI was conferred on her and in January 1878 the distinguished Lady was appointed a Member of the Imperial Order of the Crown of India along with certain other Ladies of the highest Rank of the Engli h Nobility. [...] Dear Sir I am desired hy FL R. H. the Duke of Conaught to acknowledge your letter of the 14th Ultimo conveyiiig to His Royal Highness the cogratuktions of the Calcutta Literary Society on the recent success of the British Forces in South Africa and the occupation of Pretoria and in reply thereto I am to request you to be good enough to assure the Society of the great pleasure with which [...] The Government of was pleased to honor the Calcutta Literary Society with the presentation of a copy of the Report of the Liprosy Commission to India accompanied by the following letter for which the best thanks of the Society are hereby given:— No. [...] The best thanks of the Institution are also due to the authorities of the Calcutta University Institute the Secretary to the Albert Hall and the Manager of the Classic Theatre for lending the use of their halls to hold Meetings of the Society. [...] Naked asceticism based on the principles of animal life following the habits of the cow the dog the fottl the bird retiing into a forest to mortify the body for the pupose of emancipating the Soul entity from the prison of physical atomic organization by sublimating the body through a process of starvation was the climax approaching Re igion.


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