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Final Report of the Delegates of India to the Tenth (Ordinary) Session of the Assembly of the League Nations 1929




He then proceeded to the work of the technical organisations of the League and referred to the recent interchange of health officers which had been organised by the League in India to the visit of the Malaria Commission to India which was at the10 moment proceeding and to the co-operation of India in the work of the Far Eastern Bureau at Singapore ; he expressed a hope that the League might la [...] The _Assembly adopted the following Resolution :- The Assembly adopts the amendments to the Statute of the Permnent Court of International Justice and the draft Protocol (Appendix*) which the Conference convened by the Council of the League of Nations *Not reprinted.13 has drawn up after consideration of the report of the Committee of Jurists which met in March 1929 at Geneva and which include [...] The Assembly epresscs the hope that the draft Protocol drawn up by the Conference may receive as many signatures as possible before the close of the present session of the Assembly -and that all the Governments concerned will use their utmost efforts to secure the entry into force of the amendments to the Statute of the Court before the opening of the next session of the Assemly in the cour [...] The Assembly adopted the following Resolution :-- The Assembly adopts the draft Protocol (Appendix') relating to the adherence of the United States of America to the Protocol of Signature of the Statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice. [...] III The Assembly Having examined with the greatest interest the report of the Commitee of Three Jurists Takes note of the Systematic Survey of the Subjects of International Law drawn up by the Jurists with a view to a general codification ; Observes that the report of the Committee upon the publication in the form ()Via code of the Conventions which are open to States in general shows that su



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