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Report of the Chief Inspector of Mines in Mysore for the year 1920-21 with Statistics for the Calendar year 1920




143 160 15 10 The total dividends paid during the year amounted to 20'71 per cent of the paid up capital of the dividend paying companies and the same (20'71%) on the paid up capital of all the working companies. [...] in the output of gold yet both the profits made and the dividends declared show a marked increase due to the rise in the price of the metal the higest quotation being It 6-7-4 per fine ounce in February 1920. [...] This problem—which is of the utmost importance to the future successful woring of the mine -- has received continued attention and the work of enlarging the main crosscut at the 40th level proceeded with ; the footwall drives north and south have also been continued to connect with the Secondary Shafts. [...] The programme for the future outlay and working of the mine is being adhered to the 4 000 feet level (3 300 feet vertical) marking the completion of the first stage. [...] The above together with a diversion cut taken off the resevoir beyond the southern extremity of the waste weir and the piercing of the ridge along the centre line of the dam by means of a tunnel nearly 400 ft.


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