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Report of the Committee of the Marwari Chamber of Commerce for the Year 1939




This Chamber has always stood by the righteous cause has always advocated for the establshment of peace and amity which make for the progress of trade and commerce has advised Government to reduce military expediture what they can afford to do has asked for the Indianisatian of services and has always been in favour of increasing the amenties of the labour population and raising the [...] It is therfore important that the resources of the country are pooled together to keep alive the industries which India under most adverse and unfavourable circumstances have built up and retained The premier and national industry of the country is cotton Towards the beginning of the year under review the industry showedxi signs of improvement and profits earned were fairly large. [...] It has strongly stood against the dumping of piecegoods by Japan making way for the unsteady and panicky state of the market and the fraudulent tactics resorted to by some mills in passing off their goods of narrower dimensions for wider ones by deceitful stamping and the unjust and unequitous system of holding arbitrations:in Bombay in the event of disputes arising. [...] Imports of Cement have received a great set back This Chamber had had the good sense of realising the impotance of cottage industries as forming an essential link of the social and economic life of the country and of advocating their resuscition by every kind of stateaid and keeping them immune from the competition of mechanised industry. [...] This Chamber drew serious attention of the Government to the provision of the Tariff Board Report regarding the grant of protection to the industry and recommended taking such steps by which the foreign owned concerns might not acquire undue control to the detriment of Indian owned concerns.


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