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Instrument of Accession of Colonel His Highness Raj Rajeswar Maharaja Dhiraj Sir Umaid Singhji Sahib Bahadur G.C.S.I. C.C.I.E. K.C.V.O. A.D.C. Ruler of Jodhpur State With Schedule I II III IV amp; V and Notes on Salt and Financial Statement




3. I ACCEPT the matters specified in the FIRST SCHEDULE hereto as the matters with respect to which the Federal Legislature may make laws for this State and in this Instrument and in the said First Schedule I specify the limitations to which the power of the Federal Legislature to make laws for this State and the exercise of the executive authority of the Federation in this State are respectiv [...] Aircraft and air navigation ; the provision of aerodroMes regulation and organisation of air traffic and of aerodroMes With the limitation that no Federal Law shall be made conferring power on the Federal Government to construct establish or maintain an aerodrome within the territories of the Jodhpur State without the consent of the Ruler or without the consent of the Ruler to affect the crimin [...] The salaries of the Federal Ministers of the President and Vice-President of the Council of State and of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Federal Assembly; the salaries allowances and privileges of the members of the Federal( 13 ) Legislature; and to such extent as is expressly authorised by Part II of the Act the punishment of persons who refuse to give evidence or produce documents befo [...] WHEREAS under Section 125 of the Government of India Act 1935 provision is made for the exercise by the Euler of a Federated State or of his officers of functions in relation to the administration in his State of any law of the Federal Legislature which applies therein; AND WHEREAS the accession of the aforesaid Jodhpur State is made on the assurance that the present agreement will be executed [...] 1. The Ruler of the Jodhpur State enjoys the right to receive from the British Crown the protection of his person property and family and the defence of his principality and territories against external aggression and internal disorder (vide Treaty of 1818). 2. The Ruler of Jodhpur and the Members of his family are immune from processes of law and jurisdiction of all Courts in British India.



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