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Proceedings of the Council of the Governor General of India Assembled for the purpose of making laws and regulations under the provisions of the Indian Councils Acts 1861 to 1909




Sub-clause (d) which enables measures to be taken to secure the safety of means of communication of the usual municipal services and of specified areas deals again with one of the principal objects of the English Act and the regulations under the latter extend to the taking of possssion the right of entry and the prevention of trespass injury and approz; ch to specified works. [...] " The contravention of any of these rules or of an order issued under the authority of these rules is made punishable with imprisonment up to years and fine and only if the intention of the person contravening the or authorised order was to assist the King's enemies or to wage war the King will the offender be liable to the highest penalties that the or law of the land allows. [...] The opposers of that Bill at the time painted in glowing colours what the terrible effects of it would be and to what an amount of abuse it would be put in the hands of the -Executive especially of the police who have always enjoyed the distinction of being the butt of a considerable amount of adverse criticism. [...] But My Lord while it is the duty of us non-official as much as official members of the Council; of rendering support to the Government in the emergency measure which they find in the special circumstances of the country necessary to enact it is also the duty of the Government strictly to limit the measure to the requirements of the situation. [...] But we feel it our duty as well to the Government as to the public to request the Government to strictly confine the provisions of the proposed law to the needs of the situation —and not to allow under the garb of a war measure provisions to be enacted which are not required by the situation and are likely unnecessarily to disturb the public mind.


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