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Report on the Operations of the Department of Agriculture Bengal for the year 1921-22




Thiwreport is as usual intended as a general review of the operations of the Department as a whole and includes as Appendices the reports of the Deputy Directors of Agriculture Deputy Director of Seric ulture and of the several Scientific Research officers. [...] The pressure of adminstrative work work particularly in connection with the proposals for the expansion 9f the Department curtailed to some extent I regret to say; my inspection of lams and of the scientific work of the Department. [...] At the request of the Commissioner of the Chittagong Division a survey of the distriPcts of Noakhali and Comilla was made to find out the extent of damage done by the ufra disease. [...] The other recommendations of the Committee are a botanical and chemical survey of the canes trials of exotic varieties selection of sets manurial experiments adoption of the Java system for the rapid propagation offsets and the manufacture of gur by improved processes. [...] Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture on a visit to the chief sericulltural areas of the province with a view to dicussing the situation with the actual rearers and others interested in the development of the industry.


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