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The Mysore Economic Journal. A Monthly Periodical devoted to the Discussion of all Economic Topics of Interest. June 1938




"That by the lowering or removal of bariers among themselves provided for in those agreements the flow of trade between the various countries of the Empire will be facilitated and that by the consequent icrease of purchasing power of their peoples the trade of the world will also be stimlated and increased. [...] The present view of the occurrence of the xylan is that the xylan molecules which are much shorter than the long cellulose chains participate in the micelles and are oriented in the same direction as the cellulose molecules. [...] The very large literature of to-day is to the gigantic growth of the activities of the press and it is but the bare truth to admit the fullest use can be made of by the press agency alone. [...] The rtill ah irrigation Department has 'appointed a Committee to standardise the practice of remodelling oatannels and outlets." Industries in Bombay By B. P. 0. According to the Annual Report of the Department of Industries Bombay Presdency for the year 1936-37 the year under review was a period of industrial revival and the general industrial outlook of the province was encouraging. [...] the notice of termnation of the Ottawa Agreement given by India and the discussions that were in progress for the conclusion of a new IndBritish Trade Agreement ; (2) the negtiations that were in progress for the rnewal of the Indo-Japanese Trade Agrement and Protocol and the prospect of the Indian textile industry securing adequate protection under the revised terms of the Agreemen


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