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The Karnataka Historical Review July 1938




The dream was interpreted by the scholars as follows :- (a) The appearance of the god in dream foreshadows intensification of devotion to god ; (b) The direction to compose a poem engenders a further love towards the study of literature ; (c) The presence of Laksmi along with the god brings further accumlations of wealth to the king's treasury ; (d) The white lotus carried by Laksmi enables the [...] Opposite to one of the gates of the palace was a quarter called the Kone Vakili in which lived the cowherds of the town. [...] 12."KARNATAKA IIISTORICAL REVIEW What were the faults in building such a tank ? They were the oozing of water from the dam the existence of saline oil its situation at the boundary of two kingdoms its elevation ( kfirma ) in the middle of the bed of a tank scanty supply of water and extensive stretch of land to be irrigated. [...] For do we not read in the Tamil epic Silappadikdram that when the Gera king Senguttuvan reached the Niligiris en route to the Ganges that the country on the other side of the hill presented entirely a different picture quite in contrast to this side of the hill which formed a part of the ancient CEra kingdom ? That it was summer season when the king set out on march is evident from the story of t [...] 9 It had been the policy of the Portuguese to help the kings of the Deccan in order to counterbalance the influence of the Mogul who were being supported by the English and the Dutch.



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