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Indo-Iranica. April 1953




Knowing well the difficulties of mortal man in grasping the idea of the Unlimited owing to the limitations of our human mind the Prophet gave us the six Ameshd-Spenta (Holy Immortals) who are in part His "emanations" typifying the varied aspects of the Supreme. [...] Associated with Shushinak were six other deities of the first rank grouped in two triads"."' The parallels between Zoroastrian beliefs and those of Babylon and Egypt are fairly numerous and striking."' Especially striking is the represetation of the soul by the Egyptians in the form of a bird with wings and the scene of the Judgment after death in other world when the departed is weighed in t [...] 62 The Council of Nicaea and the consequent adoption of the Athana Creed by the Byzantine Christians led ultimately to the entire separation of the Church of Iran from that of Byzantium. [...] The whole of the early training of Shdpfir the Great was distinctly directed to the upholding of the powers of the aristocracy and the clergy. [...] The conditions at the time of the accession of Kawadh were very closely similar to those prevailing in France on the eve of the French Revolution or in Russia at the end of the First World War.



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