Bulletin of the Department of Anthropology. July 1953
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Bulletin of the Department of Anthropology. July 1953




But the stronghold of the Birhor as the Census Return would show is the Chatra sub-division of the Hazaribagh District from where some of the groups cross the borders and enter the adjoining area of Palamau. [...] The father or the elder brother of the bridegroom approaches the 'vents or the guardians of the bride with the proposal and unless the initiative comes thus from the bridegroom's side the bride's side keeps perfectly silent over the matter. [...] The ceremonial acceptance of the proposal is signified by washing the feet of the proposer by the women members of the bride's family at the bride's place. [...] The main feature of the marriage rituals of the Birhor is the ceremonial besmearing of the forehead of the bride with vermilion by the bridegroom. [...] The advent of freedom the progress of education and the urbanisation of the rural areas are weaving new patterns in the social and cultural practices of the country.

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