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The Hindoosthan. An Illustrated Quarterly Journal. July-September 1944




Even if he does not actually assume this capacity he will be able to secure the subordination of the Indian contingent to the delegation of Great Britain. The representatives of the Dominions will on the other hand be absolutely independent and though closely assciated with those of Britain will not hesitate to voice what they regard as the interests and feelings of the inhabitants of the [...] The matters in which we are interested are not always those in which the Dominions are interested; the aims and objects of the Indian people are different from and may in certain cases be opposed to those of the people of the Dominions and in point of fact our delegates if they are to serve their country will have to expose the policy and attitude of Britain and of the Dominions in theTHE PE [...] Shall we sit silent or merely acquiescent and passive when the nature of' the future international authority is determined and when the questions of diarmament migration trade barriers monetary exchange the distribution of minerals and other necessaries of industrial welfare the economic subservience of the East generally to the West and the maintenance of the colour bar and the rights of [...] When China flushed with victory over japan the abolition of ex-territoriality the redition of the provinces once hers and the confement on her nationals of American citizenship rights demands the equality of the Eastern hemsphere with the Western and the opening to coloured populations of the vast spaces of Australia and Canada shall India regulate her conduct by the nod or wink of [...] Now in the nomal size world the two are easily determined; but in the sub-atomic world things are quite different; only one can be determined accurately; the more accurate the one the less so the other ; and if both are to be determined it can be only aproximatively the closer the approximation; the hazier the measure and the farther the approxmation the more definite the measure.


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