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The Textile Digest - Quarterly Journal of the Textile Association (India) July-September 1951




Change in the Constitution of the Textile Association (India) The Constitution of the Textile Association (India) was recently amended with a view to adjust it to the changed conditions. [...] (Please refer the table at the end.) The ten corporations practically control the destiny of the Textile Industry of Japan having varied interests and are very competent to run the industry efficiently. [...] The efficient working of the mills and trouble-free service of the machines are a tribute to the Japanese textile machine industry. [...] This indicates that referring to lea test the length property is the most outstandint in the fibre-properties in relation to spinning value of cottons and is next in importance to the fineness property ; whereas with reference to ballistic test results the degree of fineness is a signficant property of cottons and of as much importance as the fibre-length property. [...] To attain the best quality of yarn out of raw cotton used two essential conditions should be fulfilled : (1) there should be no damage to the fibres during the various processes of spinning and (2) the disposition of the fibres should be as uniform as possible througout the length of the yarn.


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