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The Mission Field: A Monthly Record of the Proceedings of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel at home and Abroad. April 2 1888




To exhibit the Divine Master in the glory of His person the purity of His character the perfection of His doctrine and the grandeur of His office as the Everlasting Prophet Priest and Icing of the renewed human family is the one duty and Most glorious privilege of the Evangelist. [...] The full frequent and emphatic exposition of the nature and costitution of the Church as the Body of Christ of Holy Baptism as the sacrament of adoption and of the significance and reality of the Holy Communion wherein we eat of one Bread and drink of one Cup seems to be the first means of expelling this corrupting leaven which has in it the germs of all schism and heresy. [...] The ingenious statist had however overlooked the fact that the income of that college is not applied to educating students in itself but to strengthening the teaching staff of the other colleges or of the University and to the endowment of research. [...] The British Provinces of the Indian continent beyond the famine area of 1877 were seven in number ; The Lieutenant-Governorship of Bengal which contains nearly one half of the whole of the Mohammedans of British India Assam the NortWestern Provinces Sind the Central Province the Punjab and Quail. [...] Thus in the North-Western Provinces the Musaltnans live more in the cities than the Hindus and they are less influenced by the intense pressure of the population on the soil which keeps down the increase among the rural inhabitants.


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