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The Teachers' Journal. March 1951




On this point let us quote the following excerpts from the Memorandum submitted by the National Association of Teachers in England against the action of some of the r46 Local Education Authorities in dismissing teachers at 6o years of age in contravention of the Superannuation Act : At the age of 6o the great majority of teachers like the members of other profesional callings and those engaged [...] The Purpose of the Grammar School have mentioned these additional factors because they may conpire with the economic factor to lower in the eyes of parents the value of the old highly-prized grammar course from the age of i i to the age of 16. [...] And do not ler anyone underestimate at the same time the influence upon the home of taking from the home the manufacture of the enjoyment and the satisfaction of the family and transferring it outside because the two things together make the parents' task ten times more diffcult. [...] Yet at the same time it is the responsibility not only of the Ministry of Education but of the teaching profession generally and of parents also to work together in the interests of the children and to face the problems of the present time. [...] Balaram Dam' Secretary of the School gave a short history of the school since its inception and exhorted the guardians and local people to look to the interest of the school and help the managment in the working out of the various improvements that are needed with the changing circumstances.



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