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Calcutta Geographical Review. September 1937




These and the rampart walls in general appear to belong to the late Pala epoch.* The results of the excavations may appear to be very meagre and far below the expectation in comparison with the fame and wealth of the city which the ruins represent. [...] Under the Guptas as several Gupta copper-plate records testify } the city was the headquarters of the district (visbaya) of the same name under the Pundravardhana bhulcti and the Vishaya continued under the same denomination under the Pains up till their last days.: At last the ancient city fell a prey to the invading hordes of Islam. [...] The remains of the city of Kamatapura (within the Cooch-Behar State) the reputed capital of the Khyen kings of the 15th century A. D.. [...] The Taksal both the mint and the treasury lay to the south-east of the citadel and the present temple of Kamatesvari further to the south. [...] Radhkamal Mookerji gave you so many instances of the freaks of rivers in the alluvial plains of Bengal and in this country of constant fluvial -:hanger the modern map is no sure guide when dealing with the rmote past.* One of the potent causes hence of the ruin and desoltion of the ancient cities of Bengal was the frequent changes in the courses of the rivers on which they stood.


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