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Bengal Past & Present. 1949




And [39b] at the time of sunset ('asar) when the illumination and the fatiha of the dastar-ltwan were being performed the lamps lighted up the eyes of the people In the midst of the merriment and show Shahamat Jang and Hasan Quli Khan brought Nawab Siraj-ud-daula to the feet of Alivardi because Alivardi being displeased with him for his having demolished the kettldrums of Alayar Khan had [...] At the time of the bridegroom proceeding to the house of the bride according to the custom of India— which is called the day of sachiq Akramuddaula the full brother of Siraud-daula whom Shahamat Jang had brought up with all his heart's affection as a son died of small-pox. [...] The hazaris for the release of these men and a crowd of soldiers on the plea of discussing their pay [due] encircled the house of Siraj-ud-daula and stopped the supply of food and water for him by occupying the roof and walls of his mansion. [...] When after finishing the merriment and music of the coronation he turned to the administration of the country some men who were not worthy of being his advisers now getting the power of speaking to him opened their tongue in censure and turned his heart away from the confidants and sardars of Alivardi Khan and raised suspicions in his mind against them. [...] ENGLISH CONQUEST THE COMING OF THE ENGLISH THEIR CAPTURE OF CALCUTTA FIRST DEFEAT OF SIRAJ-UD-DAULA When some years before this the English and the French had been fighting between themselves the French by fraud—which is the special characteristic of the hat-wearers —had captured the English factory of Madras and seized many English merchantships ; on hearing the news of it some men-of-war



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