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Harijan Ahmedabad - Sunday December 22 1946




If the present riots have to be compared with any ancient episode they may be compared with the cold-blooded massacre of the sleeping sons of the Pandavas and other fighters in the Pandava camp perpetrated in the dead of night by Ashvathama and Kripachar-'a the solitary survivors of the Kaurava camp. [...] The Bombay Government has appointed a committee under the chairmanship of Slari Manu Subedar to consider and report on the measures necessary for the promotion of rural handicrafts and industries including different forms of State aid and also to consider what restrictions if any should be placed on the movement of raw materials for industries in rural areas from the point of view of utilizin [...] I In the first place I would wish to urge that it will not be sufficient in view of the enormous changes that have taken place in our modern life and of the progress of applied science to consider only the dead and dying industries of the village. [...] Considering this principle to be a correct one the Samiti makes the following recommendation to the Government : 1. The teaching of Hindustani should now be extended (a) up to the Matriculation standard at the secondary stage (b) at all the years of the lokashala and (c) in training colleges meant for primary and secondary teachers. [...] 2. The present policy of giving the student option of learning either of the two scripts and exempting Hindi and Urdu schools from the obligation of teaching Hindustani takes the very bottom out of the original idea and runs counter to the spirit in which the basic principle was accepted in 1939.

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