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Harijan Ahmedabad - Sunday December 15 1946




The end of the World War has not brought' peace to the world and the appearance of the atom bomb as a weapon of war with its frightful and horrible powers of destruction has brought to a crisis the immoral and self-destructive elements of the present day political economic and spiritual structure of the world. [...] When Devadatta one of the desciples of the Buddha became estranged from him and decided to form a rival sect he conceived the idea of taking Ajatashatru one of the sons of the king of Magadha under his influence. [...] Thus in India the Vediks the Bauddhas the Jains the Lingayats the Shaivas the Vaishnavas the Sikhs and several of their suL-sects have each suffered persecution at the hands of the sect in power and (if they have at all ever acquired political power) inflicted in turn similar sufferings upon the followers of rival sects. [...] Similarly in Europe and Western Asia the Crusades the Jehads the persecution of the Christians by the Jews and the Romans atone stage and of the Jews by the`Christians at another the blood-curdling accounts of the persecution of sects which dared to differ from the Church (of whatever denomination) in power from the very beginning of the Christian States to almost modern times and the attem [...] Consequently the ambition to enlist the power of the State to serve the cause of a religion still persists and the idea of creating an Indian Muslim State populated and governed by Muslims for furthering what are regarded the special culture and interests of Islam has taken possession of the minds of the Muslim League leaders.

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Harijan Ahmedabad - Sunday December 15 1946 445-452 Pyarelal




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