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Harijan Ahmedabad—Sunday November 24 1946




They could have no heart: to cast their lot with the miscreants who must pay the penalty for their crimes and it was the hileF of the Muslims in general to help the authorities to trace them and bring them to book. [...] One of the friends suggested that in order to restore confidence Hindu leaders should reinforce the appeals of the Muslims to the refugees to go back to their villages. [...] The mischief had all been provoked by the excesses of the police and the military who were harassing the Mussalmans and it was they therefore who tgether with the panic-mongering Hindus were the real culprits. [...] In view of the magnitude of the evils of the practice generally and the grave risk of placing temptations in the way of the weak Mr. [...] The Church should not give countenance to the habit 'by organizing raffles in connection with bazaars.: Ballots for hospitals are undesirable and " destroy the true spirit of giving for the sake of the worthiness of the object to be helped." The case against betting is summarized by Mr.

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Harijan Ahmedabad—Sunday November 24 1946 409-420 Pyarelal




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