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Harijan Ahmedabad—Sunday Sepetember 29 1946




Due to the re-opening after the summer holidays of the schools and in a few eases to illness the number in the end went down to 126. [...] " Thanks for the loan of the hall and grounds for the exhibition are due to the Municipal Board and the Principal of the Bengali School. [...] The proposition can be expressed tersely : the purchaser of goods nori-essential to the maintenance of life and health will have to contribute to the costs of collection transport storage and distribution of essentials so that they reach the consumer at the lowest possible price. [...] One along the road to the town one to the village and one past a farm and up a country lane to the hills. [...] Between Lahore and Lyallpur the writer recently saw thousands of bags of wheat lying uncovered in open trucks or between rail tracks in heavy rain and not a single one of the Government officials on the spot responsible for the safety of the grain took the trouble to raise a finger to prevent the perishing on that particular day only of 40 000 maunds of wheat.

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Harijan Ahmedabad—Sunday Sepetember 29 1946 329-336 Pyarelal




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