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Harijan Ahmedabad—Sunday Sepetember 22 1946




How I wish that my words could reach the ears of the villagers concerned! Now that reformers are at the helm of goverment much of the terrible ignorance of the villagers could be dispelled if only the officials would make the effort. [...] New Delhi 12-9-'46 (From Harijanbandhu) THE MOTHER OF KHADDAR A retired economic botanist ( for cotton and rabi cereals ) to the U. P. Government in a letter to Gandhijj writes : In the past you have frequently emphasized the use of Khaddar for the general public both in the villages and the cities. [...] The trainees come in two batches : one in the morning from 7 to 11 and the other in the afternoon from 2 to 5. Men predominate in the former women in the latter batch. [...] In the course of his remarks yesterday he said that the sight of 144 of them attending the spinning classes daily in the fullness of faith made him hug the hope that one day the whole of India would be clad in Khadi.. [...] Rama then is and is not the son of Dasharatha the husband of Sita the brother of Bharata and Lakshamana and yet is God the unborn and eternal:All honour then to those who not belieing in Rama as the son of Dasharatha still come to join in the collective prayers.

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