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Harijan Ahmedabad—Sunday Sepetember 15 1946




The coward desires revenge but being afraid to die he looks to others may be the Government of the day to do the work of defence for him. [...] which have real food value and why talk of prohibition or severe reduction of supply of sugar to aerated water and other mineral water manufacturers and yet keep absolutely silent about the prohibition or severe reduction of cereals and sugar to the distilleries and breweries ? Is the drinking of alcoholic liquors any less of a luxury than the eating of pies pastries and cakes ? Can even the mos [...] India has the capacity and the opportunity to lead the world in the matter of prohibition. [...] Whether the happy conjunction between the Congress and the League takes place or not the Congress Provinces should dare to do the right The positive side of prohibition must run side by side with the negative. [...] The Muslim League leaders talked of forcing the Congress and the Hindus and even the British to y..z1d to their demands.

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Harijan Ahmedabad—Sunday Sepetember 15 1946 309-316 Pyarelal




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