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Harijan Ahmedabad — Sunday March 29 1942




On the night of the i4th March shortly after the arrival of the Chittagong Mail as I in company with a number of volunteers was attending to the wants of the evacuees a British tommy got hold of a small child belonging to one of the poor evacuees and threw it under the train. [...] The letter in question demands in my opinion the widest publicity not merely for the safety of the public but also for the sake of the soldiers and the Government. [...] This reputation reached the ears of the Government and the popular belief regarding the cure was so strong that the Government instituted an enquiry The Civil Surgeon of Amritsar visited Sitalani and reported that the reported improvement was true and that it was due not to any secret remedy but to the inclusion of a liberal amount of milk in the diet of the lepers who came to stay there. [...] In Morocco for example " as early as the 12th century lbn Tumart who was champion of Berber nationalism translated the Koran into Berber and had the call to prayer proclaimed in Berber instead of Arabic." Turkey of the eighteen-fifties seems to have taken the lead in the movement inspired by the liberal sentiment that was aroused in the wake of the Crimean War. [...] Indeed the national awakening in its many aspects penetrated the masses of our country only after and in so far as the Congress adopted the national language or the provincial languages in the conduct of its affairs and succeeded in popularising the use of the latter in the provinces.

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Harijan Ahmedabad — Sunday March 29 1942 93-100 Mahadev Desai




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