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Voice of Truth June - July 1927




But yet what has been his ambition through the ages ? Nothing less than to construct a picture of all reality to discover the eternal laws of Being and Becoming to comprehend the How and the Why the Whence and the Whither of Himself and the Universe to become one with the One without a Second I Since the Asian peoples were the earliest to enjoy the benefits of a settled and orderly existence [...] Boundless regions of desert sand river valleys where the richest of harvests laughed at the slightest tickle of the plough sky-piercing peaks eternally clothed in snow cataracts and crags of inepressible beauty - these were the environs of Asian seers and so the first questions of the human soul were asked of external nature of the sky and the stars the rivers and the waves. [...] The secret of this silent triumph in transmuting the barren desert sands of unbelief into gardens of the purest spirituality lies not in the orgnisation of the Rainakrishna Order or even the personlities of individual disciples but in his ever-present mercy and the simple and sweet synthesis of his teachings his declaration of the uselessness of rituals and symbols his sanctification of [...] He says—To go on the water and face drgons is the valour of.fisherman to hunt on land and not to avoid rhinoceroes and tigers the valour of the huntsman; to face encountars with deadly weapons and to regard death as life is the valours of the soldier ; but to recognise that poverty comes by the ordinance of Heaven and that there is a tide in the affairs of men and in the face of difficulty [...] Again the scriptures associate marriage with some noble and pious deeds such as the preservation of the universe the begetting of healthy and virtuous children for the welfare of the society-in order to attract the mind to the ordered state of ' married life from that of the wild indulgence of the reek.


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