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India To—Morrow Friday 1st September 1933




And the occasion was provided' by the passing of the llowlatt Act on the li e of the Defence of India Act which had bee in force during the war. [...] And the result was that in spite of the gagged silence" to quote the expression of Robindranath Tagore when he renounced his Knighthood in protest of the Puniab wrong there was sullen diseortent in the land In the meantime the Islamic problem had deepened. [...] When the Turkish problem was solved by the strong arm of Mustafa Kemal and Lausanne undid the wrongs of Sevres and the Satanic Government ceased to be the objective of Muslim hatred ; in fact the Muslims under the leadership of these very Ali Brothers became the Goverment's best allies and this tremendous force was let loose upon the heads of the Hindus. [...] Waves of the industrial and commercial revoltions of the 19th century did of course reach the shores of Bengal but the children of the soil have hardly been able to take advantage of the new industrial or cminnercial technique. [...] The prtdits of the businessman the income of the Zemindar and the savings of the professions and services were all invested in land.



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