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India To-morrow Wednesday 21st June 1933




the Dumraon Case the rise to fame and fortune the luxurious home the princely charities the call of the country the monumental sacrifice the dinified stand the silent suffering the faflung organizations the voice of thunder that reverberated through the length and breadth of a vast continent the war against Dyarchy the strength of united Bengal the joy of national triumph the su [...] But the key-notes of all these factions have remained the same--the regneration of the country by training the younger generation according to the light of the sect or the party to suit the time-spirit. [...] During the same period Rosa Luxembourg and Carl Liekrecht the founders of the Communist movement of Germany started the youth movement among the proletarian youths to fight the universal conscription law of the Kaiser and to instil class-conscious socialist world-views. [...] In all our travels through Europe and the wonderful recetions at all the capitals we never felt the same sense of oneness with our surroundings as we did in our contact with Prague once the capital of the ancient kingdom of Bohmia and cultural centre of Central Erope and today the metropolis of the demcratic Republic of Czechoslovakia. [...] 30.450 1.61 700 Balance of Income over Expenses 10 800 1 72 500 The figures above would go to show that since the creation of the Trust it has made rapid and considerable headway thanks to the untiring zeal patient service and capable management of the Trustees and the mebers of the Medical Staff consistently supported by the public and the Corporation of Calcutta.



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