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India To-morrow Thursday 1st June 1933




In addition to these many of the motifs the style of decoration the bold and free flow of lines recall to our mind the best that was in the ancient art of the country. [...] While the interior of the dome (that is the decorations in the interior of the dome) has been considered the best specimen of early Muslim architecture by competent authorities Conclusion The Jaunpur art posseses a simplicity and grandure not often met with in the monments of early Muslim India. [...] A scavenger will have to remain a scavenger through all his life ; and not only that his sons and grandsons will also have to remain in the same condition ! When we consider this aspect of the caste system the question of untouchability becomes a mere side issue and the solution of the problem really lies in the mitigation of the rigours of caste regultions. [...] The bone forming Vitamin D is substantially increased by subjecting the cow just before milking to ultraviolet rays so treat the udder the eye the nose as well as the inner part of the ear can absorb the direct and the reflected rays. [...] It is notable"540 INDIA TO-MORROW for two reasons if not for more Firstly it emanates from the pen of one who is udoubtedly a first rank figure in the 20th cetury world politics and an acknowledged mater of the art of debate and eloquence ; and secondly it is the work of one who was at the helm of an Empire passing through the crisis of the greatest war that the world has seen.



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