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India To-Morrow Tuesday 16th May 1933




The LeagLw Of Nations And The Campaign Against Narcotic Drugs THE campaign against the abuse of opium and narcotic drugs is one of the most iportant tasks of the League of Nations. [...] The new convention also marks an avance on its predecessors in that it strenthens the powers of the various bodies of the League such as the Advisory Committee on the Traffic in Opium and other Dagerous Drugs the Health Committee and the Permanent Central Opium Board with a view to exercising the measures of the convetion. [...] The administrative provisions which aim at reinforcing the provisions of the prvious coeventions of the Hague' and Geneva and in centralising the international reglation of the manufacture and traffic in drugs and the repression of the illicit traffic clearly require if they are to be fully effetive action on the part of the Governments which shall he as concerted and general as possib [...] The idea therefore of holding a conference for enquiring into the causes of the unhealthy competition btween the rail and the road and for trying to find out remedies for the same was a most opportune one and much good could come out of the assembly of experts that recently took place at Simla for the purpose but for certain prejudices in the Government mind which vitiated the whole proce [...] The Conference for co-ordinating the interests of the railways and the buowners was turned by the logic of its coposition Mu.) a conspiracy against the vested irterests of the latter for more was discussed at the Conference as to how to shield the railways from the competition of the buses than how to enable both to develop hand in hand to the benefit of the country at large.



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