Journal of the Asiatic Society  1951  Letters
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Journal of the Asiatic Society 1951 Letters




He thus gave the year of the Bharata battle as 950 B. C. He ignored (1) the positive statement of the Puranas that the dynastic list had mention only of the most important names of the kings of the Brhadratha dynasty. [...] He also ignored (2) the two interregnum periods from the extinction of the Magadha kings to the rise of the Pradyotas of Avanti again from the extinction of the Pradyotas to the rise of the 6igunitgas of Magadha. [...] the main doctrine of the Upanisads) is fundamentally opposed to the Vedic cult of the gods and the Brihmanical system of ritual' (Religion and Philosophy of the Upanisads p. 21). [...] Because the Upanisads declare that the aim of life is the attainment of salvation through the knowledge of Brahman the western scholars have concluded that the authors of the Upanisads! did not believe in the efficacy of sacrifices in securing heaven. [...] R. D. Ranado of the Allahabad University writes : The spirit of Upanisads is on the other hand barring a few exceptions here and there entirely antagonistic to the sacrificial doctrine of the Briihmanas.' (Costructive Survey of Upanisadic Philosophy p. 6.) The Upaniaads require the performance of sacrifices for the purification of the mind.

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