Journal of the Asiatic Society  1952 (Science)
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Journal of the Asiatic Society 1952 (Science)




To complete the picture mention must be made of the Boral and its network joining the Ganga and the Jamuna (Pabna) through the Challan Bil and the Hoorasagar and also of the Ichamati (Pabna) which too connects the Ganga and the Hoorasagar at a point little above the outfall of the latter into the Tamuna iPabna). [...] The channels of the area through which the.floods spread are the Kankoil the Kanloi the Torai the Bansloi the Bagmarrf and the Pagla (iVIurshidabad). [...] It meets the Palang Nala the Jayanti the Nayabhanga and the Ilsa and the Tetulia rivers which come in on the right from the Padma and the Meghna and become the Tentulia. [...] On the left bank the whole of the Ralindri and portions of the Pagla the upper Bhagirathi in Malda the Mahananda the Tangon the Punarbhaba and the Atrai lie within tlilf State. [...] It has resulted in an aggravation of the flood problems related1952] RIVERS IN THE BENGAL DELTA 109 to the Mayurakshi the Ajoy the Damodar the Darakeswar the Silai the Itupflarain the Kasai the Haldi and the Subarnarekha rivers.

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