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Journal & Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal December 1907




Yo a hole in the rim is attached a strintr at the end of which are 40 smell pieces of brass called halid or keys." On the upper side of the rim of the howl is engraved the Sura-yi On the dome is engraved: alit Yt NI aft and certain a`dfid-i-tilism or numerals giving the numerical value of some of the names of God or of certain passages from the On the bottom round the dome are the names of [...] The arches after the fashion of the time have the ogee curve and the roofs are of the ordinary Jaina style similar to the diagram of roofing No. [...] (1) In the reign of the king Nuru-d-din Jahangir whose hand in generosity is like an ocean : (2) The noble-minded visitor Ni'matu-l-lah who has estalished the custom of generosity : (3) In front of the tomb of the axis of the world the pefection of truth and the administrator of religion and the world : (4) Built this wonderful and grand mosque which is a match to the holy mosque at J [...] (1) Jarnshaid in dignity Shah Quli Khan the honour of the country he who has carried away the ball of valour from his rivals : (2) Generous like the ocean grave like the mountain of exalted rank ; a second Rustam and the Hatirn Tai of this time : (3) May the wine of joy be ever in his palate may he be victorious in the day of battle and prosperous in the day of entertainment. [...] He came back to his uncle and gave him the meat saying "This is the meat and the money too." His uncle said " Where is the money ? " Poining to the fat he said "This is the money" ; and to the lean "This is the meat." 8 The uncle said " I knew thou wert a man and a help in need." There is an Arab proverb " Take the meat and return the money " meaning that if you buy a good article you



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