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Journal & Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal April 1907




The understanding of the bearing of his results on the nature of chemical combination is complicated by the uncertainty as to the exact nature of the chemical reactions involved in the genesis of the gases in solutions and still further by doubts as to the electrical effects superimposed by the processes of bubbling them through these and certain other purifying liquids. [...] the beating of the corn in order to separate it from the chaff the grinding of the grain etc.) produces an unseen spirtual effect known by the technical torm Apitrva ; and there is a gradation in the intensity or quantity of the Apfirva in proportion to the extent or duration of the action. [...] There are seven forms of Ekaha sacrifices viz the Agnistoma the Atyftgnistoma the Ukthya the Sodaein the Vajapeya the Atiratra and the Aptoryama. [...] (3) The sacrifices are often regarded from another point of view namely their connection with one or more of the Vedas ; thus the Agnihotra is the principal sacrifice of the Yajurvedo the Dacaptirtmmasa of the Rik and the Yajurvedas and the Agnitoma of all the three Vedas the Rik the Yajur and the Simian. [...] The Atharva and the Rigvedas describe the Mijavat Peak which is indirectly referred to as the home of the Soma and modern Silvans have identified the Majavat with one of the mountains to the south-west of Kashmir.



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