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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Science 1902




A List of Butterflies of Hongkong in Southern China and the fooplants of the larvsc 1 OLDHAM R. D. On Tidal Periodicity its the Zarthquakes of Assam 139 PRAIN D. Nottithe Indicse xix. [...] 1.—A List of the Butterflies of Hongkong in Southern China and the fuoplants of the larm.—By LIONEL DE Nictvit.t N F.E. [...] In 1861 Wallengreu described two now species and mentioned a third obtained duribg the voyage of the frigate " Eugenie" which touched at Hongkong ; in 1862 Felder described four species and mentioned a fifth captured by the officers of the frigate " Novara" which visited the island ; in 1586 RiTher described two now species of Lye:vivid:kr from Hongkong ; while in 1599 Kirby recorded five species [...] Sa entitled A Preliminaly List of the Butterflies of Hongkong ; based on Observations and Captures made during the Winter and Spring months of 1892 Irnd 1893 " published in thO Transactions of the Enlornological Society of London for 1895 pp. [...] My share of this work appears in the list below ; the particulars given of the food-plants of the same are closely-allied species occurring in India and elsewhere is a help to the discovery of the transformations of the various species of butterflies in Hongkong itself.



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