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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Science 1899




The fishes too range widely throughout the year ascending in the summer to the very feet of the glaciers and retreating in the winter down to the warmer waters of the Indus Valley. [...] The Hermit-crab is noteworthy (1) in having for its refuge not the usual mollusk-shell but a sheet or blanket formed by the coenosarc of a colony of Sea-anomones (2) in being—as far as the male is cocerned—symmetrical and (3) in having the appendages of tho 3rd-5th somites of the male and of the 2nd-5th segments of the female present on the right or left side indifferently. [...] The antennal.pedunclo is about the same length as that of the antennules : the aciclo is about as long as the eye-stalk: the flagellum is about twice the length of the carapace. [...] This forms a sort of sheet or blanket one end of which is tucked round the telson of the crab and is firmly held by the hook-like swimmeret.) of the 6th abdominal somite and by the folded-in telson while the corners of the other end are firmly grasped by the chela) of the penultimate thoracic appendages in such a way that the sheet can bo drawn right over the back of the crab as far as the eye [...] The degree of furcation of the tail and the style of crest are hardly to be considered as of generic importance taken against the general similarity of build ; and the differing forms of bill can be largely explained by reference to the habits of thn Npecies.



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